At Australis we make the healthiest and richest salmon in southern Chile

Australis Seafoods is a company dedicated to the farming, processing and marketing of high quality salmon products.

A few years ago we became part of Joyvio Food, a company belonging to the Joyvio Group, a world leader in the modern agricultural and food industry.


To be industry leaders in a sustainable way through innovation and constant challenge.


We are passionate about generating a positive impact in people's lives, through the production and delivery of healthy food, challenging our way of doing things, through the sustainable development of communities and our environment.

Australis Values


We are present in six regions of southern Chile, fully replicating the salmon production chain.

Management teams

Shaopeng Chen

President of Joyvio Food

Qingtong Zhou

Director of Joyvio Food

Xuanli Wu

Director of Joyvio Food

Yonggun Huang

Director of Joyvio Food

Yin Tang

CEO of Joyvio Food