We work responsibly respecting our environment.

For Australis, it is extremely important to manage the issues of Regulatory Compliance with total transparency and commitment. We are an organization that adapts to national and international regulations, in order to produce high-quality and safe products, preferred by our customers in different parts of the world.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Conduct defines, and makes known the values, ethical standards and guidelines of conduct that guide the actions to be considered and adopted by the shareholders, directors, main executives, representatives, collaborators and external personnel of Australis Seafoods and subsidiaries.

Integrated Model of Conduct

The Australis Integrated Compliance Model is a tool that allows the organization to face regulatory requirements and organizational commitments, as well as certify compliance with its supervision and surveillance duties.
The execution of this model gives life and action to our Compliance Policy!

Through the Compliance Policy, and within the framework of the Company's Code of Ethics and Conduct, Australis reaffirms its organizational commitment to act with integrity and adherence to compliance with applicable regulations in all places where it carries out its operations. The purpose of this policy is to determine the basic principles and guidelines that define the compliance function in order to protect the assets and reputation of the Company, and whose execution is carried out through the Integrated Compliance Model.

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